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    Seamlessly create notes within your textbooks


How’s it work?

We want to make sure that you always have everything you need to study where you love to study. Now you’re able to create all your notes right inside your textbook and access them on all your devices. So whether you’re in your room, on campus or travelling to class, you can create and add note on the fly.

Step 1

Once you’ve purchased your textbook, go to your “My Textbook” section of the main menu. Hover over the textbook you’d like to read and click the play button.

Step 2

Once the book has opened, use your cursor to select the text you’d like to make a note to and click on the ‘note’ icon once it appears.

Step 3

Now, give your note a heading, write your note in the text area. You can use our formatting functions to style your note the way you like it.

Finally, Click the ‘Post’ button.





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